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One of the things we love the most is to see our students making friends and going out social dancing. And of course, we love being part of the fun, so we go out with them! Every month we go out dancing, run our own studio party and organise other activities as an excuse for more fun! We also run bootcamps and workshops on specific skills that our students want to learn or on different styles that can be incorporated to their repertoire. Join us for a night out, everyone is welcome!

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Social Dancing, Monthly Parties and Workshops

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Monthly Parties
Social Dancing


Fast Track Your Learning Process

One of the best ways to fast track your learning process and develop your dance skills is to join choreography courses. Perform on stage * Improve technique * Learn spins, dips & tricks * Build stage presence * Gain new skills * Develop muscle memory * Improve your timing * Make your footwork accurate * Learn new steps * Expand your repertoire * Improve your body movement * Get amazing on spins * Be part of a team * Have lots and lots of fun

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Social Dancing Practice

Heaps of social dancing practice every week!

One of our main focus is to develop the social dancing skills of our students. Social dancing is not only one of the most fun elements of the Latin dancing, but it’s also a very effective way to memorise the steps you learn in classes. Not to mention you get to meet new people on the dance floor!

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Studio Party

Get to know us and your classmates out of classes

We run our own studio party every month, so we get to know our students a bit better and vice-versa. Our monthly parties are the perfect opportunity for you to practice the steps you learn in classes and to socialise with your classmates. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our events calendar. Make sure you don’t miss our next party, everyone is welcome.

Monthly Night Out

Have fun and practice what you learn in classes

Every month we organise a night out with our students. We choose a Latin club, organise carpooling after classes, and there we go! We may also have dinner and a few drinks before hitting the dance floor. It’s guaranteed fun. Keep up to date with the next events coming up. Join the fun, everyone is welcome!

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Finesse your dancing and expand your repertoire

Every now and then we run workshops in our studio. It sometimes covers specifics aspects of the dance styles we teach, like turns and spins, dips and tricks, etc. Other times it could be a guest instructor who is visiting Sydney and has a unique style of teaching. We also run workshops on styles that are not part of our timetable, but that are pretty fun to learn and that can be added to your dancing. Like our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss our next workshop.

Students Night Out

Because We Love Social Dancing!

One of the best things of taking Latin Dance classes is to go out social dancing. That means going out with your classmates to a Latin Dance club and rocking the dance floor. Social dancing is also one of the most effective ways to fast track your learning process, as you have the chance to practice and solidify the steps you learn in classes. Join us for a night out!

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