Getting In To The Studio

Address: 40/112 McEvoy Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 

Public Transport: There are many bus stops close to the studio and the closest train station is Green Square.

Car – Where To Park: There are plenty of FREE street parking close to the studio. You can park along McEvoy St, Fountain St and Bowden St. Be aware of parking signs as this may change without our knowledge.

Walking to the studio: It’s pretty easy to find the complex where our studio is located, but it can be a bit tricky to find the studio within the complex. Follow these instructions and you’ll be fine.

  • From McEvoy St looking at building number 112 you’ll see a gate where cars get into the complex on your right hand side.

  • Walk towards the gate. There will be a foot path on the left hand side of the gate that will take you inside the carpark of the complex.

  • Cross the gate area and keep walking on the foot path adjacent to the building as if you were to walk around it.

  • You’ll pass a door and some windows, all most likely to be closed.

  • There will be a turn to the left. Make the turn and you’ll find a small secluded area with some doors. Ours is the last one in this little protected area.

  • You should be able to see the Latin Dance House signage.

  • Go through the door and upstairs!