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When you start learning how to dance, your initial idea may be that you just want to learn something new and have fun social dancing, which is absolutely fine. However, you’ll quickly realise that you can choose to follow different paths with your dancing. You can choose to be a master social dancer, a performer, a competitor, an instructor, join a team, have a dancing partner, be a solo dancer, etc. The possibilities are endless! We’ll help you to find your passion and develop your skills to be the dancer you want to be.


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Teacher Training

Learn how to dance

Absolute beginners to advanced

To guide and to see our students learn how to dance is what we love the most and the main reason why we run our dance school. When we see our students improving their skills and building confidence into their dancing, we get over the moon! We have guided hundreds of students from their first class to their happiest moments as dancers, whether that meant simply having the confidence to ask someone on a dance, winning a trophy or teaching. We guide our students in their journey, helping them achieve their dancing goals, whatever they are.

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Dancing Journey

The dancer you wanna be

We ask our students what sort of dancer they want to be. Everyone is different and have different goals for their dancing. If they just want to have fun and social dance, that’s great! Some may want to perform and compete, where others would like to become professional dancers or instructors. We love the students who only want to learn a few steps and go out social dancing just as much the ones who want to become professional dancers. Everyone has something especial about their dancing goals, and we are here to help you to achieve yours.

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Performances & Competitions

Solo Couples Teams Pro-Am

If you love to be on stage and want to be part of our performance and/or competition projects, we can guide you on this journey too. Whether you want to be a solo dancer, have a dance partner or be part of a team, everything is possible. You can even perform and compete with a professional dancer in what is known as Pro-Am division. There are many paths that you can follow with your dancing.


Teacher Training

Become a dance instructor

We run our own teacher training program, so our students have the opportunity to become dance instructors – if that’s what they want. They have the chance to help in classes as assistants, so they gain the experience they need before running a class on their own. If your passion is in sharing your skills with more people and helping them developing their dance skills, our teacher training is perfect for you. Becoming a dancing teacher is a whole new world; you’ll feel challenged and will push yourself to learn more and be able to pass into students everything you know. It’s a very rewarding career.

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