We Are All About Discovery, Connection and Fun!

We’re a mixed bag of dance lovers and professional dancers wielding our skills and passion with the aim to create a positive learning environment that is welcoming to everyone. We draw inspiration from our diversity, from experts who have been in the industry for many years to young dancers who just started their journey, and each of us contribute to the great environment we’ve created in our House.

Learning for Life

We like to think that when you choose to learn with us, you won’t simply learn how to dance, you’ll learn skills that you’ll take for life. Skills that will help you in ways you’ll be surprised to see. In our House everybody is in a learning curve. When we say everybody, we mean everybody. That includes our directors, our instructors and all our students, from the most advanced to absolute beginners. We not only develop and improve our dance skills, but we learn how to inspire and connect with people, making sure we create a positive learning environment for everyone who joins our community. Together we build and nurture a collaborative environment around a passion for Latin Dance.

Dancing is for everyone!

We know how powerful dancing is, and how transforming it can be in people’s lives. We hear the most fantastic stories of how dancing twisted things for the best all the time. And that’s why we believe that dancing is for everybody. Dancing is not only about becoming a professional dancer, a performer or an instructor, it’s about discover, connection and fun. Through dance you will discover more about yourself and how you connect with people. You’ll discover a new passion, meet people, make friends and be part of a community of people who are continuously learning, sharing and developing themselves. And if there is one thing that we can promise you, is that it will be lots of fun too!

Come and pay us a visit!