Private Classes In All Styles

Fast Track Your Learning Process, Improve Your Dancing, Expand Your Repertoire

Private classes are the most effective way to fast track your learning process, improve your dancing and expand your repertoire. Some of the most common requests we receive are: Body Movement, Shines, Technique, Turns & Spins and Patterns, but we listen to what you want and tailor our classes to what you need. Let us know what you want to achieve and we will customise a special pack of private classes for you.

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Fast Track Your Learning Process

Body Movement
New Patterns

Private Classes for Social Dancing

Feel Confident and Look Amazing On The Dance Floor

We offer Salsa and Bachata private classes specialised in social dancing, which are very effective in helping you to feel more comfortable and confident on the dance floor. You’ll be surprised to see how small improvements can make a big change on your dancing. When you feel more confident, you certainly enjoy social dancing a lot more. Fast track your learning process and look amazing on the dance floor. Get in touch with us today.

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Catch Up Private Classes

Jump to the next level of your group classes

Private salsa classes are a great way to fast track your learning process and focus on the areas that are more relevant to you. If you feel you are a little behind your classmates, taking private classes is th most effective way to catch-up. Whether you want to get better at your basic steps, turns and spins or dips and tricks, in a few classes you will feel more confident and will be able to make the most of your group classes.

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Private Classes for Choreographies

Develop Specific Elements Of Your Choreo

If you have a choreography and would like to finesse your performance, we can help with that too. Our instructors have years of experience performing and competing, and will certainly be able to give you sound advice on how you can improve. We can help you with the execution of your choreo and even help you to add some nice elements that will wow your audience. Send us a message today.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

We provide private lessons in all Latin Dance styles with focus on various aspects of your dancing: technique, body movement, patterns, social dancing, performance skills, shines, etc. All we need to know is what you want to achieve, so we can tailor our classes to your needs. Contact us today to fast track your learning process.

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