Salsa refers to both a music genre and a dance style. With its origins in the Central and South America, it has developed all over the world carrying influences from many countries, dance styles and music genres, creating variations that resulted in a number of recognized styles. Salsa is, by far, the most popular of all Latin Dance styles and has grown into an international phenomenon which has taken the world by storm! Highly addictive, it becomes much more than a casual hobby for many; it is a passionate lifestyle for thousands of people all over the globe. These days you can have a great night on the dance floor in most big cities on the planet, and Sydney is no different. We offer Salsa classes from beginners to advanced, Monday to Friday, in multiple locations. Find out why Salsa dancing is so easy to fall in love with.


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Salsa Classes in the CBD, Alexandria and Wetherill Park

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Not sure if dancing is for you? Don’t know much about other Latin Dance styles? We have seen hundreds of students walking into our classes a bit unsure if Salsa classes and Latin Dance was for them. And guess what? Dancing is for everyone! You’ll be surprised by how contagious dancing is. But don’t take our word for it, claim your FREE WEEK PASS and enjoy 1 week of FREE dancing classes in all our styles. Don’t put it off any longer, start something fun and exciting this week.


Salsa Lessons Sydney

Meet New People, Boost Self-Confidence and Get Fit

Dancing classes are a great way to meet people and make new friends in Sydney. You will be joining a community of people who are constantly going out to social dance and have fun. Dancing classes will boost your confidence, self-esteem and social skills; and more than that, Salsa classes are an amazing way to burn calories and keep you fit. Which other activity gives you the chance to meet new people, keep fit and develop a new skill all at the same time? Salsa lessons do! It’s never too late to learn how to dance, and it’s lots of fun too. Don’t put if off any longer.

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Cuban Salsa Classes

The Vibrancy Of Cuba In Sydney

Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino, is characterised by Afro-Cuban body movement and a unique flow. Differently than most Salsa styles, it focuses on circular movements and a playfulness that makes it easy to spot a Cuban dancer on the floor. Cuban style is also danced in a circle formation called Rueda de Casino, where several couples dance choreographically with the dance moves being called by one person, the caller. Most moves involve swapping partners, with the ladies moving around the circle to the next partner, which creates a spectacular visual effect and it’s heaps of fun too! Join one of our memberships and enjoy unlimited classes in all forms. You’ll love the energy!

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Salsa Dance Classes Sydney

Fun Fun and More Fun. The Best Time of The Week!

You’ll be surprised to see how your Salsa classes’ day of the week will quickly become your favourite day of the week. Even if it is a Monday! You will realise how easy it is to fall in love with Salsa and Latin dancing and will want to dance more and more. Lucky that at Latin Dance House you can do as many classes as you wish, classes in all styles and more! With any of our memberships, you will have full access to all our lessons. Start something exciting!

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